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Oxygenating plants are a vital part of any water feature. Not only do they provide a beautiful addition to the landscape, but they also play an essential role in keeping the water clean and healthy.

Oxygenating plants are specially adapted to grow in aquatic environments. They use photosynthesis to produce oxygen gas. This oxygen then goes into the water, where it helps to support fish and other aquatic life. Pond maintenance is much easier when oxygenating plants are present because they help to keep the water clean and clear.

How To Choose Oxygenating Plants

When choosing oxygenating plants for your pond, always consider the size and depth of your pond. You will also need to consider your area’s climate, as some plants are not tolerant of cold weather.

It is a good idea to choose various oxygenating plants so that they can provide complementary benefits to your pond. For example, some plants may help to keep the water clear, while others may provide shelter for fish. Pond installers in the Metro St. Louis area can help choose the right plants for your pond.

Where To Put Oxygenating Plants?

You should place oxygenating plants in areas of the pond where they will get plenty of sunlight. They will also need to be in an area where the water is not too deep, as most oxygenating plants do not grow well in deep water. Most of the Pond installers in the Metro St. Louis area will recommend placing oxygenating plants around the pond’s edge.

It is a good idea to put oxygenating plants in pots so that you can easily move them around if necessary. This also makes it easier to remove the plants if they become too large or start crowding out other plants in the pond.

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