While some companies hesitate to work with a feature built by ayone else, Clarity Ponds is happy to turn any feature into one that will Wow you and your family! 

Are you a homeowner in Brentwood, MO, looking to revitalize your property? A captivating water feature could be just what you need to transform your space into a serene and beautiful environment! But finding the right designer and builder to bring your vision to life can be daunting when it shouldn’t be.

At Clarity Ponds, we understand the importance of creating a home you can be proud of. Our team is committed to delivering professional water feature solutions that reflect your unique style and taste. Let us help you create the ambiance you want your family to enjoy for years. Share your ideas with us today!

Reimagine Your Home: A Distinctive Water Feature for Every Backyard

Water features can be an exceptional means of achieving a captivating and mesmerizing space, transforming your backyard into a sanctuary that reflects your unique taste. Clarity Ponds offers a variety of options designed to enhance the aesthetics of your property, ensuring that your enchanting ambiance becomes a reality.

Garden ponds

Imagine the tranquility and beauty a garden pond could bring to your outdoor space. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pond or a stunning koi pond, these water features can create a captivating ambiance you’ll cherish for years.


With various styles and designs available, we can help you find the perfect fountain to complete your enchanting oasis. A bird bath fountain it’s a classic option that can be a charming and elegant addition to your backyard, providing visual appeal and a soothing atmosphere.

Pondless waterfalls

For those seeking the serenity of a waterfall without maintaining a pond, pondless waterfalls are an ideal choice. These water features offer the soothing sights and sounds of cascading water while conserving space and resources in your backyard.

Swimming pool waterfalls

Elevate your pool and indulge in luxury with stunning swimming pool waterfalls. Take your pool area from drab to fab with this remarkable water feature that adds excitement, relaxation, and a lot of visual appeals, making it an enchanting retreat for every swimmer.

Get The Most Reliable Water Feature Design & Building Services

If you want to spruce up your home with a stunning water feature, going at it alone is rarely the best option. At Clarity Ponds, we create custom designs that perfectly match your unique style and property.

Our skilled and experienced team can bring your vision to life with exceptional water feature design and building services tailored to your needs and desires. So why wait? Let us help you create an oasis that’s sure to impress.

Create the Look You’ve Always Dreamed of for Your Home with Us

Don’t settle for a water feature that doesn’t match your style and won’t give you the magical outdoor oasis you dream of. Clarity Ponds has you covered! Let us help you create the backyard paradise you’ve always wanted.

Take the first step towards creating the look you’ve always dreamed of – reach out today to discuss your unique water feature ideas and transform your vision into a stunning reality in Brentwood, MO. All you need to do is:

  1. Browse our wide selection of water features and choose the perfect addition to enhance your home’s aesthetics.
  2. Fill out our contact form or give us a call for a free consultation, where we’ll discuss your vision and preferences.
  3. Sit back and revel in the beauty of your new water feature as our team transforms your outdoor space into an enchanting oasis.


It’s important to have a reliable company to perform impeccable repairs and renovations, and Clarity Ponds can help. Contact us to learn about our work!