When the adults want an artistic focal point and the kids want somewhere to play, a natural recreation pond is the perfect compromise!

Why have an ordinary swimming pool when you can have a natural recreation pond instead?

Recreation ponds give you the best of both worlds: A calming water feature that adds interest to any yard—and a spot to soak, wade, and splash on a hot summer’s day. They provide the most opportunity for interaction of any pond we design.

Immerse yourself in the cool, clear waters of a swimming pond built by Clarity Ponds. Refresh and beat the heat. Dip your toes into an adjoining stream while a waterfall cascades nearby. Kids (and adults!) will get a kick out of jumping in and paddling around with your fish. You’ll be transported to another time and place—perhaps your childhood fishing hole, or your last vacation. A place where nature, relaxation, and fun combine to create an absolutely perfect summer’s day.

Personalize Your Recreation Pond with an Array of Special Features

Natural recreation ponds use an ecosystem pond concept as their base. They can be shallow, or as much as 6 to 8 feet deep in some places. From there, add a majestic waterfall, a place to leap off the rocks into the water, a babbling brook, fish, turtles, frogs, aquatic plants—whatever your heart desires. Authentic, hand-selected boulders and stones replace the boring liners or tiles of a traditional pool, making it look and feel as nature intended.

Clarity Ponds knows how irresistible recreation ponds are, so we pay special attention to features that will make the environment safe for adults, children, and pets. External pumps are used to ensure safety and power sources are secured so there is no chance of your family coming in contact with the electrical system.

For maximum entertainment and enjoyment, a natural recreation pond is the answer. It will bring your entire family hours upon hours of outdoor activity and fun.

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