Josh Hetley, owner of Clarity Ponds prefers not to use chemicals in his ponds. It is his philosophy that they can sometimes do more harm than good. With natural methods and the proper filtration system, he is able to keep water at its clearest—and purest.

Have you struggled with these common problems?

  • Green water.
  • Unhealthy fish.
  • Overgrown or dying aquatic plants.
  • Failing equipment.

These are the top things to watch out for with a backyard pond. You’ve chosen a pond or water feature for the relaxation and enjoyment it can bring. Don’t let keeping it clean and clear all by yourself become an unwelcome chore. Clarity Ponds offers a number of different maintenance plans to keep your investment in optimal shape with

  • Clear, pure water.
  • Thriving and growing fish.
  • Hearty, blooming aquatic plants.
  • Efficient, functioning equipment.

All of this is achievable and Clarity Ponds can help.

Maintenance Programs

Just as you might give your car a scheduled tune-up, your pond needs a checkup too. Even for customers who are both willing and able to do much of the work themselves, we recommend periodic maintenance to ensure the waterscape is healthy and the equipment is running properly. Others prefer to let us take care of everything, and we are happy to oblige!

Clarity Ponds will visit to maintain your pond as often as you’d like. We can do monthly or twice-monthly service, just as you might have for a swimming pool.

Or, perhaps your water feature needs seasonal maintenance. Ponds with gravel bottoms typically need draining and cleaning twice a year. In the springtime, Clarity Ponds makes sure the water feature is looking great for the upcoming months of peak outdoor activity. In the fall, we will make sure everything is prepared to withstand the harsh winter months.

Did someone besides Clarity Ponds build your pond? It doesn’t matter! The crew is happy to take care of any water feature, no matter its origin.

Keeping Your Pond Clean and Clear

Several different things can cause problems in backyard water features making the water dirty or green. Too many fish, overgrown plants, or an inadequate filtration system are the most common. With a regular maintenance schedule, Clarity Ponds can pinpoint minor issues and fix them before they become major problems.

Clarity Ponds’ knowledge of water features and koi give them an advantage in creating and keeping a pond looking its best.

Looking for some clarity about Pond Maintenance? Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.