State and Federal EPA guidelines require stormwater retention ponds or lakes for some buildings. Clarity Ponds can add waterfalls and other features to transform these utilitarian spaces into beautiful, natural settings.

Commercial property owners and managers know the value of standing out from the crowd. There’s no better way for a business to do that than with a professionally designed water feature built by Clarity Ponds.

Whether at an entrance, in a courtyard, or indoor atrium, outdoor water fountain, ponds, streams, and waterfalls will enhance the property along with your company’s status. Water features are ideal for:

Whether built by Clarity Ponds or someone else, commercial water features must be cleaned and kept in working order. Clarity Ponds will set up an appropriate maintenance schedule to ensure that the feature continues to provide added value to your property.

Make a Statement with a Commercial Water Feature

A water feature in a commercial setting is sure to become a landmark for passersby. Think of it as a sign of class and professionalism that continues your company’s brand into the surrounding outdoor landscape.

Clarity Ponds’ creative team will design a focal point that complements the building’s architecture and fits seamlessly as if it was part of the natural scenery. It can also be built to camouflage or draw the eye away from unattractive building features or neighboring businesses.

Just as a backyard water feature can set a mood for a home, a commercial feature can set the tone for your business. Choose a tranquil, calming pond with a meandering stream for a medical office or assisted living center. Make a bold statement with a powerful pondless waterfall for your high-powered corporate office. Or give your employees a peaceful, yet interesting place to eat lunch and take breaks. There is an option to fit any business.

Picture Perfect Features for Commercial Properties

Clarity Ponds goes beyond designing ponds simply for their beauty. Some properties benefit from having special features and we build our creations with them in mind.

Wedding and banquet venues, in particular, are places where both professional and amateur photographers will be looking for the perfect photo-op. We work with photographers to plan out the best angles to showcase our creations as a backdrop. Then we build ledges and photo-ready locations for guests to stage those frameable moments.

And Clarity Ponds doesn’t just work with outdoor spaces. Indoor atriums give us the opportunity to create unique features that can combine natural stone, water, plants, moss, and even foggers for a lovely climate-controlled environment.

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