An ecosystem pond does not typically need the same 3-part filtration system as a dedicated koi pond or hybrid pond. Because they are the most natural type of pond, the debris remains in the bottom gravel throughout the year. This is why it is necessary to drain and clean an ecosystem pond annually.

Pond Filtration

Pond Filtration

Part of the beauty of a pond or other water feature is the sight of clear, clean water with the pleasant fragrance of nature.

Do you have murky, green water that smells of decay or mildew? Is stagnant water drawing mosquitos and turning your paradise into purgatory? These problems are a sign of inadequate filtration.

Clarity Ponds is an authorized dealer of the best filtration products on the market. Years of experience with multiple systems allow us to pick an economical solution for your water feature that requires minimal maintenance, without compromising water quality. With high-quality pond supplies, your water will be fresher and cleaner than you ever thought possible.

What Does it Take to Keep Your Water Clean?

Dedicated koi ponds and hybrid ponds are meant to be pristine habitats, and this best achieved with a 3-part filtration solution:

  • Mechanical Filtration
  • Biological Filtration
  • Sterilization

MECHANICAL FILTRATION. A mechanical filter collects solid debris from the water. It can be as simple as a basket or skimmer that catches all of the “gunk” as the water passes through. This type of filter needs periodic manual cleaning.

It’s no surprise that this messy task is often our customers’ least favorite thing about owning a pond. But without regular cleaning, leaves and lawn clippings, fish waste, and uneaten fish food continue to pollute the water.

More advanced mechanical filtration systems remove debris from the water completely using fine sieves and screens. Clarity Ponds’ preferred product for this purpose is the ProfiDrum. It is a drum-shaped filter that turns continuously, picking solids out of the water as it goes. Best of all, it is self-cleaning! As the ProfiDrum’s screen gets dirty, it triggers a cleaning cycle that automatically pressure-washes the entire system.

The pond owner’s hands stay clean and so does the water. The ProfiDrum keeps a pond’s water unbelievably clear.

BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION. Even when solids are removed from the water column, the water is still not as clean as it can be. Harmful chemicals such as ammonia remain behind in the water. Ammonia affects fish the way that smoke in a home will affect humans. The more there is, the harder it is to breathe. A small amount of ammonia may simply be bothersome to fish, but too much is toxic. It can burn fish’s gills or even kill them. A biological filter is the answer.

Biological filters provide a place under the water for natural “healthy” bacteria to grow. This type of bacteria eats the harmful ammonia through a process called nitrogen conversion. The effect is like turning on a fan to get the smoke out of a house. 

STERILIZATION. The final step, after removing solid debris with a mechanical filter, and cleaning out ammonia with a biological filter, is to sterilize the pond water. This is accomplished with a UV filter.

As water passes through a UV filter, it is exposed to ultraviolet light. This kills the single-celled organisms and algae that cloud water and make it green. 

Choosing the Best Filtration Method

Filtration is something that needs to be discussed during the design phase of the water feature. A number of factors go into which filtration solution will work best depending on the customer’s goals. The size of the feature and its volume of water are the most obvious things to know, but that is just the start. The amount of exposure to sunshine versus shade plays a role. Too much or either can disturb the delicate balance for both fish and plants.

For koi ponds and hybrid ponds, another consideration is the number of fish and their feeding regimen. Customers are always asking Clarity Ponds how many fish their ponds will hold. The answer lies in how much filtration you have. In general, the more fish, the more robust the filtration system must be to support the fish and keep them healthy and growing.

Filtration solutions are a delicate combination of science and engineering to create the perfect aquatic environment. Clarity Ponds will recommend, install, and maintain the filtration system that will keep your pond’s water quality consistently at its peak.

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