Since there are many different definitions of “hybrid pond” among backyard pond builders, make sure you know what you are looking for. Some builders do not deal with hybrid ponds at all. At Clarity Ponds, we do! And we will work with you to understand and create exactly what you want.

Koi fish add a bit of liveliness and vitality to any water feature. Enjoying their antics, feeding them, and watching them grow is sure to become a favorite pastime for the whole family.

If you want to enjoy raising koi fish but prefer a natural-looking pond, a hybrid pond is the answer. It combines the functionality of a dedicated koi pond with real boulders beneath the water’s surface to create a unique water feature.

While pond builders differ on hybrid pond definitions or leave them out of their services entirely, Clarity Ponds is one of the few builders in the St. Louis region skilled in hybrid ponds.

The hybrid ponds designed by Clarity Ponds are different than any others we build. Instead of gravel, we use large boulders and an EDPM rubber liner. This makes the walls of the pond look more like a natural environment. Second, and most importantly, hybrid ponds need a completely different type of filtration system. This creates the perfect environment for your koi with the best level of water clarity possible.

The Complexity of a Hybrid Pond

Koi and other fish can live for years, but they are also delicate creatures. They can not survive or thrive without special care taken to provide them with the right environment. A hybrid pond creates that environment for them.

One of the reasons why we pride ourselves in being the best pond builders in St. Louis is that we have years of experience with koi and various pond life and that we can build an appropriate habitat where they can all coexist. We design an intricate plan that takes into account proper depth, building materials, pumps, and filtration systems.

Koi Fishes in a pond

Hybrid Pond built by Clarity Ponds


Tim Wanner
Tim Wanner
I contacted Clarity Ponds for an estimate to add some boulders to our existing water features. We have 4 ponds with falls etc, that we've built over the last 16 years and they needed a "little help". What a difference! They spent 2 days arranging, rearranging and meticulously placing dozens of large rocks into the existing landscape. We had the option to tell them what we wanted, but that wasn't necessary. Fair priced and very responsive and knowledgeable about ponds and plants. Great folks to work with. Highly recommend this company.
Dave Schumacher
Dave Schumacher
Clarity Ponds recently completed a water feature for me. It turned out nicer than I anticipated. They did a wonderful job and completed it in a very timely manner. All the workers were very professional and helpful with suggestions. When the project was completed, they cleaned up the area, one could not even tell they had been there. I would highly recommend Clarity Pond for any water feature work that you would like to have.
Eric Nordstrom
Eric Nordstrom
I had the pleasure of meeting their sales rep. Ana, at a Koi show. I knew right away this was "The" company to build my dream waterfall. Now that its complete, I can't express enough how impressed I am with Josh and his crew. (They worked in 100+ degree temps!) My only design constraint was to create a natural looking waterfall. I confidently let their artistic talent run free! Needless to say, they exceeded my expectations. They were always on time, professional and kept the work place clean. They were very careful not to disturb the yard surrounding the project. At Josh's suggestion, he added beautiful lighting. An unplanned expense but money well spent! At night the lighting transforms the falls into something magical...straight out of Disneyland. If you're in the St Louis area ask Clarity Ponds for my address. Feel free to come out and look at their masterpiece. Looking forward to another project with Clarity Ponds!!!!
Douglas Holtzmann
Douglas Holtzmann
Wow. Josh and his crew are so creative. The young bucks on his team are HARD workers. If you need a water feature, these are your guys. Innovative, creative and went beyond our expectations. Our grandkids love the fish. Tnx Team Clarity
Awesome place to work!
Debbie C
Debbie C
super happy and impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail.
Cathy Palomino
Cathy Palomino
Five stars!!!!
Kris Lollar
Kris Lollar
Great company, great experience! We are thrilled with our waterfall and slide added this summer to our pool. Clarity Ponds’ entire staff has been nothing but professional and easy to work with. The guys work hard and show up to get the job done. We couldn’t be happier with our backyard project!

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