Koi can live for 20 to 30 years, and depending on the variety, grow up to 2 or 3 feet long. These living creatures deserve skilled care and pampering like any thoroughbred pet. This starts with a habitat built by Clarity Ponds.

It is no wonder that raising koi fish has become a popular hobby. There are so many benefits to a dedicated koi pond!

  • Scientific research has shown that observing fish can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.
  • Raising koi is a fun and educational pastime for adults and children alike.
  • A koi pond adds visual interest and beauty to any landscape.
  • A dedicated koi pond is a colorful and constantly-moving piece of art to enjoy all year long.

At Clarity Ponds, we are experts in koi fish ponds. We can help both seasoned hobbyists and beginners plan, build, and maintain a pond that is particularly suited to healthy, active fish. For those who show koi competitively, Clarity Ponds understands your needs. We design habitats fit for champions, where your koi will grow bigger and thrive.

The Perfect Koi Habitat

Keeping a dedicated koi pond healthy and beautiful depends on a well-thought-out pond build and ongoing pond maintenance.

Clarity Ponds achieves the perfect koi pond habitat by ensuring that the pond is the right size for the fish and that it maintains clean, clear water.

The problem many koi ponds have is green or murky water. This will ruin the beauty of the water feature. You want to be able to see your fish clearly, no matter how deep the water. The right koi pond filter system makes the difference between a pond that is a neglected eyesore and one that is an artful display of colorful koi with fresh, clear water.

Clarity Ponds is an authorized dealer and installer of ProfiDrum filters. They help maintain the pristine aquatic conditions necessary to provide your koi with the cleanest, most nurturing home for a long life.

Koi can withstand most of the weather changes in the St. Louis region, allowing them to be on display year-round. But they prefer not to live in extreme heat or cold. Clarity Ponds can include pergolas, winter covers, or even permanent structures around dedicated koi ponds to keep them comfortable in the hottest summer and coldest winter.

Koi Pond Artistry

A Clarity Ponds dedicated koi pond is much more than just an outdoor fish tank. We engineer unique designs that create the optical illusion of the fish floating like clouds in a seemingly blank space. We achieve this with a black bottom and water that is so clear it is invisible—something that is difficult to achieve without the professional design and state-of-the-art filtration that Clarity Ponds can provide.

Once your dedicated koi pond is complete, Clarity Ponds will continue to assist in keeping everything in working order to make sure your fish reach their maximum potential.

Contact our professional koi pond builders today for a complimentary phone consultation and gain clarity about dedicated koi ponds.