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Aquatic plants play a crucial role in the ecology of ponds and lakes. They provide food and shelter for fish and other aquatic animals, help purify water by removing pollutants, and stabilize the pond or lake environment by moderating water temperature and oxygen levels.

In addition, aquatic plants can be beautiful additions to a garden pond or backyard. In fact, pond builders in Metro St. Louis often incorporate aquatic plants into their ponds to create a more naturalistic and inviting space.

5 Plants That You’ll Find Water Ponds

Yellow Iris

This is one of the most common Iris species that you’ll find in water ponds. It has beautiful yellow flowers and grows to about 3 feet. It’s a great plant for ponds because it helps to oxygenate the water and provides food and shelter for fish and other aquatic creatures.


This beautiful aquatic plant has white flowers and grows to about 6 feet in height. The flowers have a sweet fragrance that you can often find in perfumes and cosmetics. If you search for “pond landscapers near me,” you’ll often find Thalia in many different pond designs.

Water Hyacinth

This is a floating plant that has beautiful blue flowers. It’s often used in ponds because it helps keep the water clean and clear by consuming nutrients that would otherwise cause algae growth.

Water Lettuce

This is another floating plant that you’ll find in ponds. It has large, green leaves that provide shade and shelter for fish. You can simply pull it out and compost it when it gets too big.

Dwarf Cattails

This is a type of grass that grows in shallow water. It has long, slender leaves and brownish-red flowers. When it dies, it decomposes and provides essential nutrients to the pond, so it’s always good to have a few around.

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