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If you have a pond with plants and fish, failure to regulate the pond’s temperature will cause them to suffer. Changes in temperature will make fish stressed, which is not healthy. Extreme temperatures without the proper regulation can even cause your fish to suffocate and die. In this blog, you will learn the importance of regulating the water temperature of your custom pond to preserve your water feature’s ecosystem and maintain the health of your fish.

Algae Growth

It is normal to have some algae in a pond during every season of the year. Too many algae, however, can eliminate oxygen from the water, causing your fish to suffocate. Algae growth is easily controlled by keeping your pond temperature regulated and your pond clean and the water treated. 


During spring when the temperature tends to warm up drastically, it will affect the water of your pond. This temperature fluctuation causes your fish to stress. Clarity Ponds can advise you on when to turn your waterfalls and fountains on or off to help adjust the temperature of your pond. You can also add pond salt, which boosts the development of a healthy slime coat on your fish. This will help your fish fend off any bacterial infections and parasites.


When it’s too hot (usually above 85 degrees Fahrenheit), water loses much of its oxygen, which fish need to breathe. Hot water also boosts the growth of algae. To avoid a water temperature that is too warm, you can plant trees and water plants around your custom pond. They will help shade the water and keep it cool. 

The best solution to keep your pond water cool is often an aerator.  Find Clarity Ponds by searching “pond services near me” online. 


When the water temperature is too cold, fish metabolism slows down. This makes it challenging for them to digest their food. Again, it’s recommended to look for “pond services near me” on Google. Clarity Ponds can install a de-icer to keep the water temperature right, keeping your fish healthy and comfortable throughout the winter months. 

Ponds should remain uncovered during winter so that toxic gases can be released. Also, avoid breaking the ice to open a hole as the shock waves can hurt your fish. 

Have Experts From Clarity Ponds Take Care of Your Fish and Ponds

Clarity Ponds is the best pond maintenance service provider in St. Louis. Our team consists of highly trained water feature designers, expert builders, and skilled installers. Our professional services will make your fish live a long life while maintaining your custom pond. We’re happy to discuss your water feature and how to keep it in the best possible shape. Contact us today!

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