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Looking at a filthy pond with dirty green water is disgusting. It could make you regret the decision to add a water feature to your yard in the first place. Clarity Ponds can get you back to loving your pond with our  pond maintenance services

Learn how to keep your pond clean with our three tips. And when you need help contact the experts at Clarity Ponds. 

Choose the Right Water Pump and Filter – and Clean It

Your entire pond’s water volume should be circulating a minimum of once every hour. Choosing the right equipment  for your pond is key. Every pump and filter has its limitations, and the user manuals will help you keep everything running properly. Make sure to keep the pump’s flow free from debris in the skimmer or biological filter. 

To clean these pieces, start by switching off all pumps and filters. Take them apart and clean the parts, especially the filter material, with a hose. You can also use a shop vacuum cleaner to remove all the muck and algae that are on the bottom and sides of your pond. And don’t forget to clean the skimmer baskets. 

Balance Your Plants

Pond professionals generally advise covering no more than 40-60% of your pond surface area. Following these instructions helps prevent too many plants from creating oxygen deficiencies at night. Plants can take up most of the oxygen and leave fish with little or no oxygenated water to breathe. 

Limiting plants will also avoid leaves getting to the bottom of your pond and decaying. Decaying debris can spike ammonia levels in your pond, increasing the chances of algae growth and harming fish (if you have any). Also, you will need to change the water more often,increasing your maintenance costs.

Watch Out For Your Fish 

If you have fish in your pond, feeding them the proper amount helps produce less waste and reduces the chances of algae growth. If you see excess food in the water after 20 minutes, it is a sign that you are overfeeding your fish. Food excesses will eventually rot, giving algae roots nutrients to grow. Don’t feed your fish more than once a day. 

Also, it is vital to regulate your water temperature to keep your fish healthy and prevent algae growth. Algae growth boosts when the water is warm. This can reduce oxygen in the water, causing your fish to suffocate. When the water temperature is cold, fish metabolism slows down. Fish won’t be able to digest food as quickly, so avoid overfeeding your fish during colder weather.

Waterlilly in a garden pond

Don’t Want to Do it Yourself? Call Us 

When searching for “pond services near me,” in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri and Illinois region, look to Clarity Ponds for the clearest, most pristine water features. Our experienced team provides pond maintenance to ensure your pond looks as good as the day it was installed. 

Contact us to schedule a pond maintenance appointment to keep your water clear, clean, and fresh.


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