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We are frequently asked about what our ponds cost and what affects the pricing.

I like to tell everybody it’s similar to a kitchen remodel – we can give you rough estimates of what the pond would cost, but until we know exactly what you want it’s hard to nail down price. You might want three streams, you may want one stream, and you could also want a custom water wheel, so many variables factor into pricing. With that being said let me give you some generalities and if you want it more information of more detailed steps of our pricing you can check our website and take a look around.

In general, an ecosystem pond is going to start approximately $8000 with no upgrades. If you want a larger water garden with koi that’s going to start around $20,000 to $21,000 for a 14′ by 17′. You can add all sorts of things to a pond:

  • Customizable Streams
  • Larger Waterfalls
  • Fish Caves
  • Lighting
  • Driftwood Features
  • Stepping Stones across the waterfalls
  • Jump off rocks for dogs
  • Puppy Puddles

The list of all the upgrades is endless. It really is entirely up to you and how you use space, but those are some of our general pricing guideliness

Let’s talk about what affects those starting prices…What would cause a situation where the starting price would be higher? Access! If access is limited and we have a hard time getting the equipment back to your project, or if we don’t have a place to stage materials, these are indications that we are going to have to charge a higher fee. Let’s face it when you bring in 10 to 30 multiple tons of boulders, dirt, and gravel we will need a place to set materials. If staging is going to be an issue, we will discuss various options to ensure we are able to work safely and efficient.

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