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If you’re like most pond owners, you want to keep your pond looking its best. But like any other piece of property. Pond maintenance is required to stay pristine. Green water happens when algae grows out of control and can make your pond look unsightly.

We compile 5 powerful tips to help you prevent and tackle this typical pond issue as it’s green water.

How Is Algae Turning My Pond Green?

Algae is a single-cell organism that can turn pond water green when it starts to grow out of control. When conditions are right for algae growth, it can double in population size every two days! Algae need sunlight and nutrients to grow, so they often bloom in the spring and summer when there’s more sunlight and warmer temperatures.

5 Powerful Tips To Keep Algae From Taking Over My Pond

Keep A Healthy Amount Of Fish

Fish are a beautiful pet and feature in a backyard pond that everybody can appreciate.

However, the pond’s size determines the amount of fish. Depending on the species hosted, numbers vary; research the amount of suitable fish for the volume of water in your pond.

Make Some Shade Available

Algae, like any other plant, need sunlight to thrive. A roof or a tree over your pond might not be the best idea, but there are alternatives.

Water lilies are aquatic plants that float on the pond’s surface, decreasing the amount of sunshine hitting the water directly. They also offer shade for fish, especially koi fish are susceptible to sunburn.

Don’t Feed Your Fish Too Much

As mentioned before, fish directly impact the pond’s water quality. Overfeeding your fish creates excessive waste that will pollute the water and foster algae growth.

Consult with a professional fish keeper or a vet about the appropriate amount of food for your fish.

Ensure Your Aeration System Is Working Properly

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to water, and it’s essential for a healthy pond. Oxygen abundant environment prevents algae growth; since it’s the perfect environment for beneficial bacteria that breaks down algae.

Top aeration devices are waterfall, fountains, or pumps and filters. Verify weekly that organic material or other debris is not interrupting the water flow.

Boost Beneficial Bacteria

As mentioned before, there are beneficial bacteria that help break down organic waste living in your ponds. These bacteria naturally appear in ponds as part of a bio-active environment. Although, some imbalances may decrease its number and effectiveness.

A store-bought bottle of beneficial bacteria can solve it with no significant effort on your end.

Struggling With Stubborn Green Water In Your Pond? Clarity Ponds Is Here You

You’ve installed a pond for the relaxation and bliss it can bring; your pond shouldn’t become anything but that. Clarity Ponds offers several different pond cleaning and maintenance plans to guarantee your investment looks its best. If your pond was designed and installed by another company, we can take care of it too.

At Clarity ponds, we’re devoted to our clients and their needs; that’s why we’re the best garden pond builders and keepers in the Metro St. Louis Area, MO. 


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