Different fish need different habitats in order to thrive. The species you choose to keep in your lake will determine your choice of depth, aquatic plants, and type of rock or other materials on the bottom.

A typical farm pond or small lake might look simple. Excavators come in and move the soil, dam a water draw and call it done. Clarity Ponds can make your lake so much more.

We have the resources and access to large-scale equipment to create a lake, but we take it a step further. We collaborate with you on a design that beautifies your property. Your lake will be a place where you and your family can relax for generations to come.

Lake management by Clarity Ponds means a well-thought-out blueprint with your goals in mind. If sport-fishing is part of your plan, we can customize bottom features to create the appropriate habitat for bass, bluegill, or catfish.

A variety of special amenities are available to make your lake a picturesque part of your land. Add interest with the sounds and visual display of a flowing stream or brook. Have a waterfall become the center of attention. All along the banks, picture hand-chosen rocks and boulders that will not only help with shoreline erosion control but will also make the lake look like it has been there forever.

Maintaining Your Lake

A lake is a great use of land as long as it is well maintained. Clarity Ponds can take care of your existing lake, or any lake that we build.

In addition to maintaining mechanical components like aerators and pumps, Clarity Ponds can help sustain consistent water quality with our custom management process. A lake is a vital part of the surrounding ecology. Its health will ensure the wellbeing and growth of fish and surrounding plants.

Got Muck? Yuck! Dredge Your Lake to Keep it Healthy 

Over time, dead leaves, twigs, and other debris will make their way into your pond or lake, creating a layer of silt and sediment on the bottom. Not only will this make the water murky, but it can also become a breeding ground for algae and weeds. In addition to being ugly and smelly, conditions can become toxic to plant life and fish.  

Sediment accumulation is often a result of improper runoff management. Clarity Ponds has a multitude of solutions to mitigate water runoff and stop sediment accumulation at the source.  

Clarity Ponds also provides professional dredging, a process that involves removing 2 to 3 feet of muck from the bottom of the pond or lake. Our team can assess the condition of the lake and determine if it is time to dredge. Depending on the size and depth of the water, dredging might be recommended every 5 to 20 years. Regular maintenance can keep a lake healthy and thriving for years to come. 

Our goal is always to provide your lake or pond with the best possible environment and the least amount of maintenance. 

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