Clarity Ponds will work with your existing pool’s structure to include a waterfall. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, consider adding a waterfall to your original design.

Transform your uninspiring, conventional swimming pool into a masterpiece with the addition of a waterfall from Clarity Ponds.

Standard pools and natural recreation ponds alike are a perfect place for this unique statement piece. Choose something understated and peaceful like a gently trickling stream of water over rocks, or add a fun element with pool slides. Or go for the flare and “wow” factor of a magnificent cascade pouring from tall boulders.

No matter what feel you’re trying to achieve, a swimming pool waterfall can become the creative visual focal point of your backyard.

Waterfall Design and Construction

There’s nothing ordinary about Clarity Ponds’ approach to swimming pool waterfalls. Every stone and boulder is real, and hand-picked to create a beautiful and unique structure. And it’s not just a stack of stones!

Owner Josh Hetley describes it as building a puzzle. He twists and turns each component to fit together in an authentic array that looks natural. His attention to detail ensures that the water spills down along a perfect path in just the right way. The result is a multi-level display, placed for maximum impact of sight and sound.

Would you like to enhance your pool experience with pool accessories such as a sheer tumble of water to swim around and under, or maybe a stone platform for jumping and diving into the pool? Clarity Ponds partners with you on the placement of these special features to create a personalized and unique backyard oasis.

Positioning is also significant for any water feature. You will want a clear line of sight from your home’s window or outdoor living space to get maximum enjoyment from your waterfall. It is sure to become a favorite part of the landscape, even when you are not using the pool.

Looking for some clarity about the idea of a swimming pool waterfall in St. Louis? Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

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