Josh Hetley, owner of Clarity Ponds prefers not to use chemicals in his ponds. It is his philosophy that they can sometimes do more harm than good. With natural methods and the proper filtration system, he is able to keep water at its clearest—and purest.

"Very satisfied with both...creativity and performance!"

We are very satisfied with both the creativity and performance of Clarity Ponds!
They have done a few projects in our back yard, the workmanship is detailed and their design was unique.
The crew were professional and courteous, the jobs were completed on schedule. They always answered my phone calls. We highly recommended them.

"On time and on budget, could not be happier!"

The crew was very professional, Clarity Ponds was able to incorporate all of our design ideas, and more, to take our project to the next level.  It was on time and on budget, could not be happier!

“[T]his guy knows what he is doing!”

Josh Hetley was recommended by a lady in a local water garden club for pond maintenance. After seeing his ponds during a tour, I figured “this guy knows what he is doing”. Since finding him he has done winterizing and based on the quality of his work, last year I hired him to install an improved filtration system. This year we discovered a root problem caused by a tree just before it had a chance to cause catastrophic damage. Even though the pond was rebuilt about 6 years ago, I had Josh rebuild the pond and I gave him carte blanch since I trusted him. Even though the pond is now in full sunlight there has been no algae problem. I am totally pleased with his work and his follow-up. I wish him success as he grows his business.

"[E]xactly what we envisioned."

We’ve had a koi pond for years. When we moved, we didn’t want make the investment or give up a lot of real estate to build a brand-new one. Instead, we converted our unused swimming pool to hold koi, with plans to add a waterfall at one corner.

My wife was not impressed with my DIY efforts to engineer a waterfall, so we called Clarity Ponds. We had known Josh for quite some time from the St. Louis Water Garden Society and more recently the Gateway Koi and Pond Club. We had seen his work and really liked it.

He listened to our ideas and worked with us on the plan. I wanted to tie into the plumbing we already had and connect external underwater piping to the pool jets. That isn’t something common, but he was willing and able to make it work. We now have a waterfall and koi pond that is exactly what we envisioned.

"Really came out looking beautiful."

Dan & Terri Barbatti
I had Clarity Ponds create a short stream, complete with small waterfalls, into an existing pond. I had been wanting to do this for years, but it just never happened. Then my wife fell in love with a water feature that Josh built for Timberwinds Nursery. I knew Josh from a koi club we were both in, so that, plus the quality of his work made Clarity Ponds an easy choice. My wife worked with Josh on the design. Meanwhile I wanted some technical additions. To enhance the health of the current pond, we added water volume. It’s hidden, but important. Teri and I are both very happy with the results. It’s one thing to build a pond from scratch. It’s another to add on to an existing pond and make it look cohesive. Josh was able to do that and it really came out looking beautiful

"Really great customer experience."

Dan & Linda Gamboa
I had a leak at the base of the dam in my Âľ acre pond, and out of 4 quotes, Clarity Ponds stood out. They had good online reviews and Josh Hetley came out quickly to assess the problem and advise on a solution. I found him extremely pleasant and not judgmental or condescending like some of the others I talked to. There was no pressure; just simply discussing and finding out what worked best for us.

Josh went above and beyond, fixing the leak and bringing in heavy equipment to excavate on the other side of the dam to allow for a waterfall. When another leak popped up later, he addressed that right away too. Choosing Clarity Ponds was well worth it based on the cost, quality, and the one-on-one service. Josh’s personality and the personal touch, along with his very polite and hard-working crew, added up to a really great customer experience. I trust him and plan on using him again, as well as referring him to anyone who needs this sort of work.

"Very nice and professional."

Steve Lipkind
I’d been using another company to maintain my koi pond and waterfall. I was having trouble getting them to respond to my calls and emails so I was looking for someone else.

I was impressed by the water feature that Clarity Ponds built for Timberwinds Nursery and asked about them. I got an estimate over the phone about how long it would take and their hourly rate. I thought their prices was fine so I didn’t bother getting any other quotes.

The guys were very nice and professional. They replaced the burned-out pump with a new one, cleaned out the pond completely, and put the fish back in. I had to contact them again when I noticed an error on the invoice, but it was adjusted right away.

Overall, I’m very happy with the work that Clarity Ponds did. I would use them again.

"It’s amazing!"

Tim & Sally Weir
We were in the midst of relandscaping our front yard when we saw Clarity Ponds’ display at Timberwinds Nursery. We had always wanted to do a water feature in our backyard. After multiple bad experiences with other contractors for other projects, it was so refreshing to work with Josh. He had a vision for the space right off the bat and was so enthusiastic in describing it. We hit it off so well that we hired him on the spot. After seeing what was possible on a Pond-o-rama garden tour, we ended up doubling the space Clarity Ponds had to work with! They completely transformed our backyard with a pondless system with 2 streams, a staircase, and a sunporch where we can watch and listen to the water. Josh is truly an artist. It’s almost like the stones speak to him and he knows just how to arrange them to maximize both the beauty and sound. Our other contractors were delayed several times due to bad weather, but Josh’s crew started and finished exactly when he said they would. Josh and Ana were both wonderfully responsive. And when we needed to trim the budget, Josh found a solution by changing the size of the boulders he used. We like it even better than the original plan! We are so thrilled with how everything turned out. It’s amazing!

It was a very cooperative process.

Barbara Beal
We live out in the country and have a pond in front of the house with a dam at one end. The dam had been undermined by tree roots, muskrats, and who-knows-what so we had Stutz Excavating come out to fix it. The pond was made smaller but deeper, and they contoured the steep hillside so it looks more graceful. As a result, they had to take out a lot of trees. We wanted to do some landscaping and they recommended Clarity Ponds. After looking at the whole area, Josh and Ryan discussed our priorities with us. We had a vague idea of what we wanted and they helped us clarify our vision. It was a very cooperative process. The crew worked really hard on a hillside that was very steep. They couldn’t just drive a truck up to dump mulch, so they had to do a lot of work by hand. It made me tired just watching them! I am a beekeeper, so having plants that are useful to pollinators is important to me. Josh and Ryan are so familiar with trees and shrubs and the kinds of conditions they need, they were able to make great suggestions. They made sure to include things that will bloom and look beautiful throughout the seasons. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous it will look in the Spring!

Have you struggled with these common problems?

  • Green water.
  • Unhealthy fish.
  • Overgrown or dying aquatic plants.
  • Failing equipment.

These are the top things to watch out for with a backyard pond. You’ve chosen a pond or water feature for the relaxation and enjoyment it can bring. Don’t let keeping it clean and clear all by yourself become an unwelcome chore. Clarity Ponds offers a number of different pond maintenance plans to keep your investment in optimal shape with

All of this is achievable and Clarity Ponds can help.

Maintenance Programs

Just as you might give your car a scheduled tune-up, your pond needs a checkup too. Even for customers who are both willing and able to do much of the work themselves, we recommend periodic maintenance to ensure the waterscape is healthy and the equipment is running properly. Others prefer to let us take care of everything, and we are happy to oblige!

Clarity Ponds will visit to maintain your pond as often as you’d like. We can do monthly or twice-monthly service, just as you might have for a swimming pool.

Or, perhaps your water feature needs seasonal maintenance. Ponds with gravel bottoms typically need draining and cleaning twice a year. In the springtime, Clarity Ponds makes sure the water feature is looking great for the upcoming months of peak outdoor activity. In the fall, we will make sure everything is prepared to withstand the harsh winter months.

Did someone besides Clarity Ponds build your pond? It doesn’t matter! The crew is happy to take care of any water feature, no matter its origin.

Keeping Your Pond Clean and Clear

Several different things can cause problems in backyard water features making the water dirty or green. Too many fish, overgrown plants, or an inadequate filtration system are the most common. With a regular maintenance schedule, Clarity Ponds can pinpoint minor issues and fix them before they become major problems.

We are the St. Louis area’s premier designer and builder of ponds, streams, waterfalls, water fountains, and water features. Our craftsmanship and expertise will bring your ideas to life in a true, one-of-a-kind paradise you can enjoy every single day.

Clarity Ponds’ knowledge of water features and koi give them an advantage in creating and keeping a pond looking its best.

Looking for some clarity about Pond Maintenance? Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.