What if you later decide you would like some koi or a larger water feature? As long as there is enough space, Clarity Ponds can add a pond to a pondless waterfall.

Pondless Waterfalls are a Lovely Addition to Any Home’s Landscape.

Pondless waterfalls provide the benefits of an eye-catching point of focus with water movement and sound. Your pondless waterfall can be a soft, tranquil trickle over rocks or a powerful cascade with a longer vertical drop over boulders.

The pond building experts at Clarity Ponds will help assess your space and collaborate with you on the feeling you are aiming for, then create a one-of-a-kind water feature.

As the name implies, a pondless waterfall is a stand-alone work of art. The water circulates endlessly, spilling down over and over as if by magic.

How Do We Craft Our Unique Pondless Waterfalls

Made of natural materials, pondless waterfalls look authentic and blend with any landscape. Stones and boulders are hand-chosen and placed to look as if the structure was created by nature. In reality, pondless waterfalls are a marvel of creative engineering.

The water in a pondless waterfall is re-circulated again and again with the help of an energy-efficient pump. They are a perfect option for naturally sloping terrain and add a lively touch to any size space.

If you are looking for low maintenance water features, a pondless waterfall is a wonderful choice. A pondless waterfall’s ingenious structure keeps the water moving. When it is not traveling down the falls, the water moves through an underground reservoir. This keeps it free from exposure to sunlight, which can be the primary source of green or cloudy water. The result, instead, is a constant stream of clear, freshwater trickling down over the boulders.

If you’re looking for the best pond builders in St. Louis, you are in the right place. Let’s create your custom pondless waterfall together!

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