Some fountains require seasonal maintenance. This might include shutting off the water, draining, and cleaning in preparation for winter, and starting everything up again in the spring.

Outdoor fountains are an easy way to add a stunning focal point to any yard, patio, entryway, or pond. Not only are they beautiful, but the sound of their bubbling, trickling water can help mask unwanted outside noise.

There are plenty of mass-produced fountains on the market, but a fountain from Clarity Ponds is a unique showpiece. We specialize in a creative touch for a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Creativity is key with a Clarity Ponds fountain. Our design team can create a working fountain from just about any item.

  • We craft many of our water features from large pieces of pottery and urns.
  • We can install custom artistic metal pieces.
  • We have built sluicing water steps made of driftwood and working waterwheels.

With your imagination and the skills of the best custom water features builders in St. Louis, the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Fountains Require Specialized Care

There is more to a working fountain than plugging it in and adding water. First, Clarity Ponds will collaborate with you on a design that not only suits the size and style of the space but also captures your personality and the mood you want to create. We’ll make sure the sightlines are right to allow you to view it from a window, patio seat, or the street.

You’ll see your vision come to life on paper with photos of existing designs, along with custom renderings adding your special touches.

Next, Clarity Ponds builds the structure according to that precise blueprint. This includes installation of the appropriate plumbing, drainage, and recirculation. Then add electric or solar power to provide the water movement. Lights are also a popular option.

Clarity Ponds has the skill and expertise in all of these areas to create a fountain that is both beautiful and functional—the perfect addition to your home. Have the outdoor fountain you’ve always wanted with the best water feature builders and designers in St. Louis!

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