Proper maintenance is essential for keeping an ecosystem pond clean and healthy. Clarity Ponds recommends annual draining and cleaning of all ecosystem ponds.

Experience the beauty and serenity of an ecosystem pond in your own backyard.

Your living space doesn’t have to stop within the walls of your house.

Extend your personal style out into your yard with a custom pond from Clarity Ponds. Water features such as our custom-designed ecosystem ponds create a focal point that will enhance your outdoor space. Create a place to relax with family and friends while you enjoy the soothing sounds and visual impact of a natural work of art.

Ecosystem ponds are one of the most versatile types of ponds you can have. They are a great way to dip your toe into the world of backyard water features. 

They are called ecosystem ponds because they work with all of the elements of a natural ecosystem—but in a manmade environment. Specialized filtration systems allow the water to support fish, aquatic plants, and healthy algae for a thriving, natural habitat.

Clarity Ponds, the custom ponds builders experts, start its ecosystem ponds using natural stone and gravel at the bottom. This makes it one of the most natural-looking options available.

What will your backyard pond look like?

Ecosystem ponds can range in size from a small 4’ x 6’ pool to an acre or more. Clarity Ponds’ pricing structure is based on the three most popular sizes:

  • 7’ x 9’ – starting at $8,300
  • 9’ x 14’ – starting at $11,000
  • 14’ x 17’ – starting at $24,500

From there, there is no limit to creativity in an ecosystem pond. Clarity Ponds has numerous options to choose from to make your ecosystem ponds a unique expression of your personality.

  • Choose a structural addition like a stream, waterfall, or interactive ledge for visual interest.
  • Introduce animal life with frogs, turtles, koi, or other fish, and a grotto or fish cave where they can play.
  • Include the natural beauty of plants in, around, and floating on the surface of the water.
  • Strategic place driftwood, boulders, and LED color lighting for an artistic flair.
  • Use bottom aeration and automatic fill to control the water flow.
  • Add on a maintenance package to keep everything beautiful and in superb working order.

The Expert Advice You Need

An ecosystem pond can include several elements, but they must be chosen and introduced into the environment carefully. It is important to understand that not all fish and plants can coexist successfully. Our pond building experts will artfully design and build you a beautiful pond. But that is just the beginning. They will also use their skill and experience to guide you in your selection of plants and animals that will thrive together.

Contact our expert pond builders today for a complimentary phone consultation and gain clarity about Eco System Ponds.

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